It’s not difficult to get started mining DigiByte with your home PC if you have an nVidia card.

The most effective ones are the nVidia 1060, 1070 and 1080. The 1050Ti isn’t grunty enough to offset the power that it draws. The 980 may also turn a small profit but they consume a lot of power for their hashrate. You’ll need to research the math involved in profitability yourself.

Step 1)
To get started, head on over to The Blocks Factory and create an account. We’re going to be mining Skein so we’ll use their Skein pool.
Click on “Register up the top

Step 2)
Enter your details to get signed up
– The email is optional, but recommended, however you absolutely MUST remember the PIN you choose. This is used to change your settings on the website later, and required to withdraw your DigiByte.
– Once signed up, it’ll get you to sign in again on the left hand column with your username and account password.

NOTE: When you’re mining as part of this pool (Or any pool for that matter), TheBlocksFactory will keep track of how many DigiByte you’ve earned, by your hashing power contribution, but they shouldn’t be used as a long term wallet.
For this reason, before we go any further, we’re going to enter your DigiByte address into your account settings for them to send the DigiByte to.

Step 3)
Add your address to your account settings
– Click on My Account –> Account Details
– Enter the Payment Address from your DigiByte Wallet (In DigiByte Core, go to File –> Receiving Addresses, select your address and copy it)
Set the auto cash out, say, to 200DGB (Depending on what sort of hashrate you’re throwing at it), and enter your PIN to confirm it’s you making those changes, and then hit Update Settings.

Step 4)
Add a worker by going to My Account –> My Workers
– Now go to your Workers page and add a worker. A worker is “a PC”, that can contain one or many graphics cards (Or USB devices etc), so as this is your first worker, let’s just call it “miner1”.
– Give it a password, and make this something different from your account password. It can even be as simple as “WorkerPassword”.
– Then hit the button to save your worker.

Step 5)
Download ccminer
– This is a miner program for nVidia cards (AMD users predominantly use cgminer).
– You can download it here from Github.
– Once downloaded, extract the folder to your desktop.

Step 6)
Now we configure ccminer
– If there is a ccminer.conf, delete it
– Make a copy of one of the “RUN-XYZ” files, we’ll name it “Run-DigiByte”. You can then delete the others.
– Right-click on the Run-DigiByte file and choose “Edit”
– Edit the first line so it looks like this: “ccminer-x64.exe -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u digibyteguide.miner1 -p WorkerPassword
– Replacing the “digibyteguide” with your account name
– Save the file

Step 7)
Run the “Run-DigiByte” file you just edited and you should see a new window open up with the miner
If you do not, head to and update your drivers

Step 8)
Verify that your miner is connected to your account at TheBlocksFactory
– Go back to¬† and then choose My Account –> My Workers
– Ensure that your username isn’t Red / Orange. If it is, it indicates an issue
– Ensure that the “Valid Hashrate” has something there . It’s a rough average of the last 15 minutes, so don’t expect it to directly match what you’re seeing in ccminer


Additional Notes:

From here you can investigate further things like if it’s more efficient to mine Skein, Groestl, Qubit etc (But it won’t be SHA256 or Scrypt, as both are susceptible to ASIC mining)
You’ll also want to look into the best driver version for your card, as well as find a build of ccminer that works best, intensity / difficulty settings and many more optimization settings. There are many forums or check out the DigiByte subreddit.