UPDATE: There’s a build and instructions available here you can use that has the applicable additions, however initial testing seems to indicate it operates around 35% less efficient when compared with Alexis78 or sp-MOD ccminer. Viability of using this may vary.

Solo mining was originally the only way to mine cryptocurrency, however with the increase in value (Especially in Bitcoin) and the single-GPU miners at home wanting to try their hand, has lead to the rise of pool-mining.

The API’s in the Bitcoin Core Wallet (And subsequently DigiByte Core Wallet) that are used for solo mining have been changed (Old ones removed), and because newer miners such as ccminer don’t support the new method, solo mining is no longer an option when using that mining software.

You can see a message from KlausT here on Github where he states:

Sorry, but Bitcoin (And DigiByte) solo mining is no longer supported, because they removed the getwork command

Specifically he’s talking about this API being removed from the Bitcoin Core Wallet, which DigiByte Wallet is based on.

A little further digging shows a helpful reddit post that states:

The getwork API which ccminer uses has been removed from Bitcoin Core (and DigiByte Core) for a while, and replaced by getblocktemplate (which is not supported by ccminer). So, you can’t technically solo mine with ccminer

It seems that at this point in time only sgminer and cgminer support this new “getblocktemplate”, so if you’re interested in solo mining, it can’t be with ccminer / nVidia.