Welcome to DigiByte!

If you’ve just scanned a barcode from a Paper Wallet and landed here, then you’re in the right place. We’ll help you get started with your DigiByte paper wallet so you can start sending / receiving DigiByte in no time.

What have I been given?

You’ve got what’s known as a “paper” wallet.
You can still receive DigiByte by sharing your Public address, however in order to spend them you need to import your Private address in to a computer or cellphone.

It’s known as a paper wallet because it’s been printed from a computer and put on to paper, when most DigiByte wallets are digital.

What are these Private and Public numbers on my card?

The Public address is kind of like your Bank Account, if you wanted people to send you money. However, in order for you to then send money from your account, you need your Private Key as a sort of “authenticity check”, to make sure that you’re really the owner of the account (We wouldn’t want somebody else to spend your money now).

How do I see how many DigiByte I have?

You can type in your Public address into what’s called a Blockchain Explorer website (Like DigiExplorer), or, you can import your Private Key into a digital wallet on your PC / Cellphone, which will also allow you to spend your DigiByte.

Sounds great! How do I get my wallet onto my phone?

First of all, download the Coinomi app from the Play Store (Coming soon for iOS)

Once installed, go through the setup. It’ll get you to write down a “backup” phrase so that if you change phones, you lose your phone, or it gets stolen, you can restore your data. Don’t skip this step!

Tell it you want to add DigiByte and you’ll be taken to your main wallet page. Tap on the menu up the top-right hand corner, then select “Sweep wallet”

You’ll be taken to a new screen, tap on the barcode icon:

It will then prompt you to use your camera. Allow it, then scan your Private Key:

Congratulations, your DigiByte wallet is now imported and ready to use!

Where to next? Well, you can safely discard the paper wallet gift-card, as your DigiByte are now stored in your Digital Wallet on your Cellphone. Make sure you’ve followed the backup / security steps in Coinomi because you are fully responsible for what happens to your own DigiByte and there’s no “Forgot my password” or “Ring the bank up because I can’t remember my account details”. Keep your DigiByte safe!