The DigiByte Core Wallet is the primary wallet used for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Anybody can run the DigiByte Core Wallet, and get started with sending / receiving DigiByte in seconds!

This guide will take you through installing the wallet and finding your DigiByte address so you can begin receiving DigiByte.

Step 1)
Head over to the DigiByte Website and download the wallet
– Visit and click on “Choose Wallet”
– Select the wallet for your operating system. If you’re a Windows user and unsure, start with “Windows 32-Bit”.

Step 2)
Install the Wallet
– Follow through the installation, accepting the defaults is perfectly fine

Step 3)
Open up DigiByte Core Wallet
– It will tell you it’s going to take a while to sync, this is OK to hide.
– If it tells you it’s going to take 10 years, there is an issue in DigiByte Core Wallet 6.14.2. Try leaving the DigiByte Core Wallet open on your PC overnight and it should complete the blockchain download (Approx 4GB)

Step 4)
Locate your DigiByte receiving address
– This is also known as your “Public Key” or “Public Address”. This is what you will give out to people to receive DigiByte.
– Click on File –> Receiving Addresses
– Right-click where it says “(no label)” and choose “Edit”. Give your wallet a label, such as “Main wallet address” and click “OK”.
– Click on your “Main wallet address” and choose “Copy” from the bottom.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to take your DigiByte Wallet Address and give it to somebody to receive your first DigiByte. However, before we go any further we’re going to make a backup.

Step 5)
Backup your Wallet somewhere safe
– Go to File –> Backup Wallet
– Save it to your Desktop
– Now you’ll want to email this to yourself, store it on your dropbox, save it to a USB drive and take it somewhere else safe. If you lose this “Wallet.dat” file, your DigiByte will never, ever be able to be retrieved.
– Presume that your PC will one day be lost, stolen, or crash, you need this somewhere remotely saved so that you can recover it later on down the track.


Additional notes:
The Label that you gave your DigiByte Address is not a public label, it’s only on your computer for your own reference. Nobody else will ever know what you’ve labelled your own address.
The DigiByte Core Wallet will only ever give you your Public Address from here, which is completely safe to give out.
If you’re ever asked for your Private Key, refuse! As this will allow anybody with your Private Key (Or Private Address) to withdraw all your DigiByte.
The only way to find your Private Key is through a Debug menu, so stick to this Receiving Address and you’ll be fine 🙂