One of the best ways to introduce people to DigiByte, as well as Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in general is to give them a little bit to get started with as a gift. It’s super easy to give DigiByte, for Christmas, Birthdays, as a ‘thankyou’ or any other reason you can think of!

We’re going to presume you have some DigiByte of your own already. Start by going to the Wallet Generator website for DigiByte.

NOTE: The DigiByteGuide wallet generator website uses a slightly modified version of, as we customized the text used on the wallet along with updating the DigiByte Logo and making the wallet more ‘printer-friendly’. You can view the source and even run this offline by downloading it from here.

Now, move your mouse around on the web-page a bunch, in order to generate “randomness” (entropy):

This will be used to help with creating the paper wallet. When you’ve finished shaking your mouse, click on the “Paper wallet” tab and choose “Randomly generate”.

This will be the Paper Wallet you’re going to give away. Print this page (Ctrl + P) before proceeding any further.

If you have your DigiByte wallet on your Cellphone, you can scan the Public address, to send the DigiByte to. If you have your DigiByte wallet on your PC, you’ll want to copy the Public address and manually put it into your DigiByte Core Wallet.

Send the address some DigiByte, and verify that it’s been sent by looking on a Blockchain Explorer such as DigiExplorer.

Once you can see it’s been sent, fold up the card by following the instructions:

That’s it, you’re all ready to go!

It might pay to mention that they MUST keep that Private key safe and readable / legible if they ever want to redeem the DigiByte in the future, so explain to whoever you’re gifting the wallet to that there isĀ no way to get it back if they lose it.