Buying your first DigiByte is always a “unique” experience, in that rarely can you purchase DigiByte directly with your local fiat currency.

As of mid-late 2017 at the time of writing, the easiest way to purchase many Cryptocurrencies, including DigiByte, is by trading Bitcoin.

If you have purchased Bitcoin from or similar, you’ll have some in your online wallet:

This guide presumes you’ve already purchased some Bitcoin with your own local fiat currency first from and will start showing you how to trade your Bitcoin to DigiByte.

Once you have some Bitcoin in your wallet, you’ll want to open up two browser windows, the first at, and the second at

At, you’ll want to change Deposit to be Bitcoin, and the Receive to be DigiByte:

From here it’s going to ask you for a couple of addresses.

You’ll need to open your DigiByte Wallet, go to File –> Receiving Addresses, and copy your address. Put this in to the first field, “Your DigiByte Address”.

To get your Bitcoin Refund Address, you’ll find this at localbitcoins by clicking on your balance up the top-right, and then click on “Receive Bitcoin”. Copy this and paste it in to the second “Your Bitcoin Refund Address”.

This is just in case there are any issues with your exchange, will return your Bitcoin to this Address. Don’t worry too much about that happening though, this is more of a “safety net”, and the ShapeShift support is really good too.

Then, click on the “Start Transaction” button to get it all started.

On the next screen you’ll be given an address you need to transfer your Bitcoin to:

Copy this address, this is what you need to give so that ShapeShift will give you DigiByte.

At, click on your wallet balance up the top-right, and you’ll be taken to the “Send Bitcoin” screen. Paste your ShapeShift provided Bitcoin address in to the “Receiving Bitcoin address” field, enter how much you want to exchange.

When sending the Bitcoin, keep in mind there will be a small fee from and so if you have exactly 1 BTC, you might only be able to send 0.9995 or similar.

Once you click on “Continue” at, it will take a little while for the sending to be validated by the Bitcoin network, potentially an hour or two even. This is just because of how poor the confirmation times are for Bitcoin (If you ever do this in reverse, it takes a matter of seconds to send DigiByte)!

You can keep the page open and it will automatically update for you with the progress, you don’t need to refresh the page.

After a little while, you’ll get a notification to let you know you’ve received DigiByte in your DigiByte Core Wallet!