Here’s a quick guide on how to add additional nodes / connections to the DigiByte network, in a bid to help speed up your blockchain download.

Alternatively you can download a Bootstrap for DigiByte and then follow the instructions here.

Opening your DigiByte Core Wallet for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a screen telling you it needs to sync around 4 years worth of transactions. That in itself isn’t too bad, as of December 2017 it’s around 6GB. What you want is to be connected to as many peers (nodes) as possible, in order to get it to download as fast as possible.

Hover your mouse over the connections to see how many people you’re connected to. 8+ is ideal:

If it shows zero connections, that indicates an issue with your Firewall, AntiVirus, or your DNS. However, that’s outside of the scope of this guide.

To manually add more peers to help speed up your download, you can go to:

Next, grab some of the IP addresses, you’ll want to add maybe a dozen?

Then in your DigiByte Core Wallet go to Help -> Debug Window -> Console

From here, type in:

addnode IPADDRESS add

NOTE: You want to repeat this process approx a dozen to a dozen to two dozen times, each with a different IP address

Substitute IPADDRESS for the IP addresses you got from the whatsmydns website. Be sure to use some that are as close to you as possible, for example if you’re in the USA there’s no point adding IP’s from Italy etc.

Tip: It should say “null” afterwards. That means “There was no error adding them” and so it’s been correctly added as a node

IF you see “method not found (code -32601)”, it means you’ve not entered it in the correct format, so try again.

Once you’ve added several more, you should see the speed increase for your Blockchain the download. It can also help if you tell your AntiVirus to exclude the folder that you told DigiByte to store the Blockchain in. For most people on Windows this is “%appdata%\DigiByte”.

Then, just leave the DigiByte Core Wallet open and downloading the Blockchain, come back later, and you’ll be ready to go!