It’s nice to be able to track the changes while you’re “On the go” to what’s happening with DigiByte, both in terms of your wallet balance and the value of that balance in fiat currencies.

I’d personally been using the Blockfolio app (Android or iOS), and while it’s a great app, it requires you manually entering in any trades that you may have done, in order to maintain your balance. As a miner, this was frustrating, as I could be mining 10,000-12,000 DigiByte a day and so if I didn’t update my balance for a day or two, it would be quite a bit off.

A few miner friends had also been doing similar, and it wasn’t until one of them asked “Surely there’s got to be a way for this to be automatic?” that I stopped to think about automating the whole process specifically for DigiByte.

So, I’ve created a page that you can bookmark, with your wallet address in there, and it will automatically pull the most up-to-date balance of that wallet, along with showing you the conversion rates to USD, NZD (Because I’m from New Zealand) and also in Bitcoin.

To use, simply pop your address in and hit “Submit”.

DigiByte Wallet
However if you want to be able to bookmark the page including your wallet address, simply adjust the URL to look like this:
You can replace after the “=” and put your wallet address there.

Once you’ve done that, it’s easy enough to add to your Home Screen on your Cellphone for easy access!

A few things to note

  1. This page doesn’t track your balance historically, so any deposits or withdrawals won’t be noted in the 24h / 7-day changes. The changes only track your current balance vs the price of DigiByte 24h / 7 days ago.
  2. If you’re not seeing your correct balance, this is because you have sent some DigiByte and the change hasn’t gone to your primary wallet. This is nothing to fear, it’s part of how the Blockchain works. You can easily correct this by following the instructions on the website.
  3. This was not created to be a “Panic button” for use with selling to avoid any loss in value, but rather for “at a glance” information on what’s happening with the price of DigiByte.

Thanks goes out to DigiExplorer and Coinmarketcap for the APIs that were used to make this happen!