Here’s a collection of Videos relating to DigiByte and Cryptocurrencies in-general that can be applied to DigiByte


How fast is the DigiByte network? REALLY fast!

This is a quick video showing off how fast a transaction is on the DigiByte network.
Full-screen the video to see it best!


Trading DigiByte with Litecoin on BlockNet

NOTE: Best viewed fullscreen on a PC, Laptop or Tablet @ 720p+

In this video we demonstrate how BlockNet is used to trade cross-blockchain directly without a 3rd-party Exchange website! We swap 220 DigiByte for 0.045 Litecoin.

– On the left side of the screen (Yellow) we have Jane who wants to trade her DigiByte for LiteCoin
– Jane lists the offer through BlockNet
– Brad on the right side of the screen (Black) sees this offer, and accepts, selecting the wallet to send / receive from before completing the transaction

In each instance the users enter in a “sending” address for one coin, and a “receiving” address for the other coin they want to obtain.

The trade is able to occur without the users knowing each other, and without having to leave your funds on a centralized Exchange!


The amazing math behind DigiByte / Bitcoin and why it’s unhackable

An incredibly easy to understand video that shows why the likes of DigiByte is not able to be hacked, and why all the worlds computers are blown away by the big numbers that DigiByte deals with. This video is suitable for both novices and experts alike!


Why you should be wary of Brainwallets

Brainwallets (such as Coinomi) are nice, in that they are just a “passphrase”, however those passphrases are a lot easier to guess by sheer brute-force. The explanation in this video can get quite in-depth, and should probably only be watched after the previous video on the amazing math of DigiByte / Bitcoin, so you have an understanding of the Blockchain and how private / public keys work.
The link will take you to 7:03 in the video, which is where the discussion about Brainwallets begins.

Mining with your local PC using Awesome Miner

A quick ‘n’ dirty video showing you how to add your local PC to Awesome Miner if you don’t want to mine on a separate PC

Changing mining algorithms with Awesome Miner

This is a quick video to show just how easy it is to change which DigiByte algo you mine using Awesome Miner
Full-screen the video to see it best!